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Nurture Next Generation Thinkers

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The Brains Behind Cleverly

The Cleverly program was carefully designed by a team of experts who have dedicated decades of their lives nurturing young minds to love math and be very good at the subject.
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Norman Tien

Founder of Cleverly
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Norman Tien started giving Math tuition at aged 19 to children who hated Math and thus scored way below average. Somehow, he has this gift with ‘problematic’ children which not many tutors wanted to take up such assignments too. He delivered results because he didn’t drill them with worksheets and assessment books. Instead, he took interest in their hobbies (like computer games, chess, Power Ranger toys, etc) and tailor-made the Math lesson plans and the Math strategies.

Noticing his ‘gift’ in this area, Norman then furthered his studies in cognitive psychology, special education for the gifted and those with learning disabilities, as well as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Through these, he was affirmed that his skill sets are not limited to reaching out to the late bloomers, but also the high achievers and the gifted ones as well.
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Vanessa Ong

Co-founder of Cleverly
Chief Curriculum Officer (Psychology)

Degree in Psychology(NUS)
Trained in Neuro-Linguistics Programming
12 Years of experience in primary school math teaching and curriculum design. Specialized in helping students to achieve maximum potential and develop strong interest in math.