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Build Thinking & Problem Solving Skills


Weekly Math Thinking Challenges
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How Cleverly works?

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Why Cleverly?

Memorizing is NOT ENOUGH!

Have you ever wondered why even after daily math drills, your child still doesn’t score well in math exams?

And your child is completely lost when they see questions that involve critical thinking?

Word problems that are NOT difficult to compute BUT require thinking & reasoning skills to find the connections to even begin!

Purposeful Curriculum

Solve real life problems by utilizing mathematical reasoning skills to cultivate children’s critical thinking and strategy planning


Develop critical observation skills to identify key information


Master technique of asking quality questions for effective problem solving


Build reasoning and thinking skills to generate possible solutions creatively


Nurture problem-solvers to have the self-confidence and clarity for decision making

Critical Inventive Thinking Skill for Effective Problem Solving

Critical Inventive Thinking
Critical & Inventive Thinking skills allow children to combine several concepts together to derive the answer creatively

An example of a Critical & Inventive Thinking question is as follows:

Joel was holding on to 2 red pills and 2 blue pills, and suddenly there is a blackout!
Under the no-light condition, how can he pick out 1 blue pill and 1 red pill?
A child WITHOUT critical and inventive thinking skills:

Will starts scratching their head with nothing comes in mind
In total darkness, the pills will look like this. 
Just take any 2 pills and eat it and see what happens next. 
Many children will try to solve this question using the “trial and error” method. They will just take any 2 pills and then “see what happens.”
A child WITH critical & inventive thinking skills:

Will bridge math concepts to the problem to look for possible solutions creatively.
Applying the Math Concept:
Sum of Half of each = Half of Total
In total darkness, the pills will look like this. 
If Joel were to break every pill into half.
The pills will look like this.
When there is light, the pills will look like this.
Now he will have 1 red pill and 1 blue pill.
Cleverly builds critical and inventive thinking skills to students in their lower primary years such that they can derive the solutions using all the concepts they’ve learned effectively.