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Ignite Thinking ; Learn Cleverly

For children aged 7 to 12

An online math program that focuses on building Reasoning & Thinking Skills in a child's formative years that is not about drills and memorising.
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3 Highlights Of Cleverly

Build thinking skills through a different learning experience

Problem-Based Learning
Inspire Life-Long Learning
Student-Centered Approach

What is Cleverly?

It is a weekly online program that builds thinking and reasoning capabilities and problem-solving skills for Math Olympiad.

Children are stretched to see the connection between mathematical concepts and real world problems, making learning relevant and purposeful for them. This training help them to be future ready in this fast-changing world we are in now.

Explore possibilities and generate ideas

Manage complexities and ambiguities

Exercise sound reasoning & decision making

Our Satisfied Parents

Reviews from parents
“After attending Cleverly lessons, my son is now more confident when it comes to problem solving. He will actively attempt to solve the problem instead of simply waiting out for the answers to be taught to him.” 

- Kate, Parent of Oliver (P3)
“Kudos to the Cleverly Team for simplifying the explanation to the challenges. My daughter looks forward to the online lessons every week and will eagerly share the solutions with us after the class!”

- Hazel, Parent of Mikaela (P1)

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